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We offer Patented microencapsulation technologies to enhance the thermal stability of volatile substances such as flavour, aroma for bakery and volatile pheromones.

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DNA CATCHER is an innovative Spanish company aiming to improve quality and performance of products used in the:

-Food additives industry (Micro-encapsulated thermostable flavours, aroma, Probiotics..etc)
-Environmental health & Odor control for the elimination of toxic gases

DNA CATCHER has developed its products based on Patented Technologies using safe, ecofriendly and food grade high density polysaccharides Beads (HDB-Technology) that fit to the market needs and allow versatility of applications.

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Food & Beverages
2-10 employees
Research & Technology Organization

About our Innovation Strategy

-DNACatcher also is focusing on the development of innovative polymeric beads for the elimination of bad odors, toxic of sulphur compounds (mercaptans) and NH3 gases.

Research areas (5)

Biological SciencesAgrofood IndustryTechnologies for the food industryProtecting Man and EnvironmentIndustrial Products

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